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What a difference…

… a week makes!

Hello lovely readers 🙂

I think a quick update is required first.  You’ll remember how excited I was last week to announce a new venue for my workshops. Well, it looks like that may not happen now because, according to a social media post, the current owner with whom the arrangement was made, has ‘moved on to new ventures’!  That came as a bit of a surprise to be honest, particularly as no direct contact has been made.  Anyway, I, intend to see what the new owners think about keeping the arrangement but won’t know until next week so another ‘watch this space’ moment.

On a happier, and even more exciting note, I have shelf space in a local shop, hoorah…


LOTT Bazaar is a community shop for (and I use their own words)

‘talented crafters to rent space to sell their handcrafted goods and paintings’.

How cool is that!  Such a brilliant idea and a fabulous way to support individuals who might find it difficult to get wider exposure of their work.

The voluntary team members are also involved in a number of initiatives to bring awareness to the whole area about how many great local trades people we have in what is know as ‘Old Town’, or ‘South Town’, which is often forgotten about by the district and county council when it comes to funding, improvements etc.  I live south of the River so I’m really pleased to be part of this in some small way.  So folks, there’s not a huge amount on it yet but here is my first lovely shelf which gives me a ‘high street presence’.


LOTT Bazaar also offers space at the rear of the shop for crafters to run small workshops, and this is where my next one will be so don’t forget, if you haven’t booked already it’s on 11th July, 7:00-9:00pm. Come and join me for a fun evening of Folk Art painting.

Have a wonderful Friday and stay safe in this heat 😊 x

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

No one could be more surprised than me at my love of crafting because I have never seen myself as creative, or artistic.  In fact I have the utmost respect for those who can draw anything that actually resembles what it is supposed to be, and totally in awe of those who can create something that looks positively photographic!

These pieces are not in the same league, but I derive great satisfaction at being able to create something so pretty which can then be used in all sorts of ways: card making, wall hangings, photograph frames etc.  So these first photographs are of some Folk Art.

And these are of machine embroidered bowls, again, something I didn’t think I could do but got so much satisfaction when I saw the results of my efforts 😊

In response to WP weekly photo challenge.  See more satisfied bloggers here.

Happy Monday!  Have a wonderful week 😀