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New Location for Workshops

I’m very excited to announce a new additional location for my workshops, which means I can now offer weekdays as well as evenings 😁

A huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to the lovely Ruth, who owns and runs the equally lovely Garden Shed Cafe.


This is a small, cosy (but very busy) 100% vegan cafe where the staff are super friendly, the food is delicious and the service excellent.  If you haven’t been before, do go along and try it for yourself – even if you’re not a vegan!  I took my husband  (who is a staunch ‘meat and two veg’ man) for a lite-bite over the weekend and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience 😊

My first workshop at this great location will be on 24th July from 10:00am-12:00pm.

I will be teaching one of the commonly used Folk Art brush strokes known as the ‘comma stroke’ and moving on to help you paint beautiful daisies as show below.

Daisy Heart and Card

Booking and payment in advance is essential so please click here to secure your place.

The same workshop will be held at LOTT Bazaar on the evening of 11th July, further details and how to book can be found here.

I look forward to welcoming new and precious budding artists 😊 and don’t forget…



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