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Instructions for Catherine-wheel Decoration

Well, this took a little longer than I had expected!  Still,  plenty of time for you to put some of these lovely hanging decorations together.  They are really simple to do –  no sewing, no gluing, no mess 🙂


  1. 8cm Polysterne discs
  2. Ribbon in contrasting colours (approx 4cm x 2m & 0.5cm x 20-25cm)
  3. Sequin pins
  4. Ruler
  5. Scissors
  6. Decorative bows/flowers/discs for the centres.

I’ve attempted videos this time to give you a visual (no sound though).  Bear with me, it’s not brilliant but hey, we all have to start somewhere 😉  Comments and/or suggestions will be gratefully received.  Hopefully the more I do the better they will become.  Here goes:


Fold your 4cm ribbon at 9cm intervals, creasing as you go (see below).

Cut the ribbon into strips using the creases as your guide.

Now you need to fold in from each side to create a point – much like making paper aeroplanes – and lay over your disc, pinning in place on each side.  Continue folding and pinning your ribbon alternating the colours until the disc is completely covered.  Add your centre piece and secure the .5cm ribbon to your decoration… (see video)

and… Voilà!  You have a very pretty Catherine-wheel decoration.

Enjoy! 😊

2 thoughts on “Instructions for Catherine-wheel Decoration

  1. easy to follow made mine too

    1. Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad you found it easy to follow 😊

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