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Satisfaction Guaranteed

No one could be more surprised than me at my love of crafting because I have never seen myself as creative, or artistic.  In fact I have the utmost respect for those who can draw anything that actually resembles what it is supposed to be, and totally in awe of those who can create something that looks positively photographic!

These pieces are not in the same league, but I derive great satisfaction at being able to create something so pretty which can then be used in all sorts of ways: card making, wall hangings, photograph frames etc.  So these first photographs are of some Folk Art.

And these are of machine embroidered bowls, again, something I didn’t think I could do but got so much satisfaction when I saw the results of my efforts 😊

In response to WP weekly photo challenge.  See more satisfied bloggers here.

Happy Monday!  Have a wonderful week 😀

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    1. Than you 🙂

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